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Enjoy the Possibility to send money to any country in 130 Different Currencies.

Instructions and Procedure to Receive Money –Overseas

- Open a Foreign Currency A/c At Overseas and See the Money Directly Credited to Your Account in the Currency in which the Account is Denominated

- Have a legal source of income to be able to send money abroad

- Provide the following Information to your Bank overseas:

- Beneficiary

o Full name, Account number

o Or full name, address, ID card or passport number

- Beneficiary Bank

o Bank Name With Branch Address
o SWIFT and Sort Code Details of Beneficiary Bank

- Sort Code for Remittance to UK, BSB code for Australia, Transit No. for Canada IBAN No. is compulsory

- IBAN is mandatory When Payment is going to China, Canada and Taiwan.

- Details of Intermediary Bank –If any

Purpose for Outbound

- Remittance for Family maintenance and saving.

- Remittance for Family maintenance can be done only by Close Relative As Per Sec. VI of Companies Act.

- Tour Operator Payment

- Universities , Visa Fees Payment

Instructions and Procedure to Receive Money –India

- MTCN / Reference No.

- Full name, Address of Receiver

- Valid Photos Identity Req.

- Money Can Be Received only for Family Maintenance Purpose Only

* All the Remittances to be done under Referral Business Scheme.

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